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Apps rush: FourFourTwo Football Stats, Domino’s Pizza, DK Quick Cook and more

What’s new on the app stores on Wednesday 17 August 2011

A burst of 16 apps for your consideration

FourFourTwo Football Stats Zone

FourFourTwo magazine has teamed up with Opta for an iPhone app that will delight stattos everywhere. It analyses every Premier League match, allowing players and teams to be compared across a range of metrics. The app is free with stats from last season, but an in-app purchase of £2.49 unlocks the current season.

Domino’s Pizza for iPad

UK pizza chain Domino’s has launched an official iPad app which can be used to order takeaway, paying via PayPal (or credit cards/cash on collection). The app shows all the current offers, with a Build Your Own feature and ability to track deliveries to the door.

DK Quick Cook

Cooking book-apps is an increasingly popular category on iPad, with Dorling Kindersley the latest publisher to throw its saucepan into the ring. Its Quick Cook app has more than 500 recipes – each of which can be cooked in less than 45 minutes.

Google Catalogs

Google’s new iPad app is only available in the US for now. The free app brings together digital versions of catalogues from various retailers, including Macy’s, Nordstrom, Saks Fifth Avenue and Urban Outfitters. Users can zoom in on product photos, find nearby stores stocking them, and share details with friends via email. An Android tablet version is apparently on the way.

There’s a Wocket in My Pocket!

The latest Dr. Seuss app is available for iOS and Android at launch, offering a mixture of voice narration, background audio and simple animation.
iPhone / iPad / Android

Live Life Safe

UK charity The Suzy Lamplugh Trust has launched an iPhone app that aims to educate the public about personal safety, with a focus on adults, young adults and parents.

Talking Cube Dog – 3D Toy

The latest company looking for a piece of the talking animals market on iPhone is Podotree, with its Talking Cube Dog app. Users construct a virtual dog from more than 130 parts, then interact with them via speech and touch. There are also augmented reality features to take photos of the dog superimposed on the real world. Looks fun for kids.

Coffee Cellar

Know your Americano from your Java? Coffee Cellar claims to be a lifestyle iPhone app “for the budding coffee connoisseur”, and it’s been produced with loving attention to detail. Users can create their own virtual coffee cellar, store photos and tasting notes, and share details via email and Twitter.

David Baldacci

Author David Baldacci has an official iPhone and iPad app, courtesy of publisher Hachette Book Group. The app offers previews and extracts from all his novels, as well as extra content about the locations featured in the books, and photos and videos from Baldacci himself.

New York Post

The New York Post has made its Android debut, with the newspaper releasing an app offering stories, photos and social features, with no subscription in sight. Not yet, anyway.

I See Jesus

Those newspaper stories where people see Jesus’ face on a piece of toast or potato? There’s an app for that. I See Jesus helps users make fake Son-Of-God-On-Perishable-Goods photos easily.

Longman Dictionary of English

Pearson Education has released its latest Android dictionary app, offering 230,000 words, as well as 77,000 audio pronunciations and 86,000 recorded example sentences.


Already launched for iPhone, location-based Q&A service Localmind is now available for Android too. It taps into Foursquare, Gowalla and Facebook Places to help users pose questions to people checked in to real-world locations.

Grow Your Garden HD

iPad app Grow Your Garden HD is the work of a team at University of California, Berkeley, and aims to teach kids addition and subtraction through the medium of pouring virtual water on flowers.

Carry Me Home

Carry Me Home claims to be “the ultimate party game”, based on the existing card game of the same name. It suggests real-world mini-games involving drinking, gambling, dancing and more, with forfeits rolled in.

STV News

Scottish broadcaster STV has launched an Android news app to complement its existing iPhone version, offering news and weather for Scotland.

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