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Tech Weekly podcast: Google-Motorola, riots and social media,

Join Aleks Krotoski and Juliette Garside for a packed edition of Tech Weekly. This week, the politics of social media: what role should the UK government have in regulating our access to services such as Facebook, BlackBerry Messenger and Twitter? Author Jeff Jarvis weighs in on the debate and finds that there is currently a demonisation of technology.

Also, search giant Google has moved into the mobile manufacturing business: blogger Stasis Bielinis broke the news of Monday’s Motorola Mobility deal – worth .5bn – back in June. We find out what’s in it for Google, and how the mobile ecosystem will settle after this bombshell.

The UK government has announced the next phase in it’s high-speed broadband plans – corporate partner BT has pledged to bid for some of the £530m in grants to connect out-of-reach rural communities to fast connectivity. We hear from Bill Murphy, MD for Next Generation Access at BT about the details of its plans, and where it intends to invest.

Finally, what’s in store for the long-standing Fifa brand of games? Keith Stuart speaks with Andrew Wilson, senior VP of worldwide development at EA Sports about its plans for cross-platform entertainment.

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