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Tech Weekly podcast: Has HP indicated the beginning of the end for the PC?

If the future of computer is iPads and smartphones then why is HP cancelling its webOS mobile platform and Touchpad tablet – after just 49 days?

The company also intends to buy the British Autonomy Corporation, and Jemima Kiss, Charles Arthur and Juliette Garside find out about their impressive client list and why that may hold a clue as to why HP are interested in purchasing the company and moving into business services.

Also on this week’s Tech Weekly, Aleks Krotoski casts a critical eye on social media, asking what we can learn about ourselves and other cultures by looking at how we use the web.

Facebook’s director of policy in Europe, Richard Allan, talks about openness, politics and debate, and how the company intends to keep its platform accessible in territories that want to censor information.

Finally, HP Labs’ Bernardo Huberman offers insight into the differences in social media use in China, where 140 million people have signed up for Twitter-alike Sina Weibo. What do the Chinese tweet about?

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