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Letters: Regime change

In your interview with Rafael Ramírez, the Venezuelan minister for energy (19 August), you choose to call the democratically elected government of Venezuela a “regime”. Why do you call it a “regime” when the same day, in other Guardian articles, you refer to the highest authorities in Greece, Japan, and the US as “governments”? In the same article, you also choose to call the democratically elected president of Venezuela a “colonel”. Why do you call the Venezuelan head of state a “colonel” if you are referring to his presidential duties, not his military ones? Finally, why did you choose such a misleading headline “Venezuelan chief oilman finds more reserves for the colonel”, which not only calls the president a “colonel”, but implies that the newly found oil reserves in Venezuela belong exclusively to the “colonel”, instead of the Venezuelan people, as stated in the Venezuelan constitution?

Samuel Moncada

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