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Southern Cross care homes: get the full list and find out what has happened to each one

What will happen to Southern Cross’ care homes? The Association of Directors of Adult Social Services, ADASS, have compiled a list of each home and what has happened to it
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The collapse of Southern Cross, the UK’s biggest care home chain, has caused understandable concern to the families of the 31,000 people who are looked after by the company. But until now it has been impossible to get a clear picture of what is happening to the 750 or so homes, or even where they all are.

Datablog is hosting a unique resource, compiled and updated by the Association of Directors of Adult Social Services (Adass), which aims to identify all the homes in England – almost 600 in total – and publish the latest information, as it emerges, on plans to transfer them to new operators.

Southern Cross is aiming to transfer all its homes by 31 October, after which the company will close. As transfer of the homes is effected over coming weeks, the blog will give families the up-to-date state-of-play and contact details for the main organisations involved.

Where are the homes?

Each entry gives the name of the home, the local authority within which it sits and, if known, a contact at the authority, at the local NHS primary care trust and at Southern Cross itself. As transfer details become available, the name of the new operator and dates and milestones for transfer will be added.

The entries give also, again where known, the identity of the landlord of the home and/or its agent or umbrella group. One of the complexities of the Southern Cross issue has been that its homes have had separate ownership, by as many as 80 different landlords, with the company leasing the homes for operation.

Compiling the list has been a complex process and basic information on homes is still unavailable in a small number of cases. Families of residents should not be alarmed if details of an individual home are missing: this means only that Adass has failed yet to establish them.

Where families have concerns, more information can be obtained from either the dedicated helpline published in these tables, or the relevant local authority public information telephone line, as well as any individual home’s management.

Although there have been no guarantees that no homes will close, the government, Adass and Southern Cross have all promised that no resident will be left homeless at any stage.

Inquiries concerning Southern Cross homes in Wales and Northern Ireland should be made to the company in the first instance. Information about homes in Scotland will be carried at:

Download the data

Download the data

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