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Apps rush: Pringles Crunch Band, Tripit, Bon Jovi and more

What’s new on the app stores on Monday 19 September 2011

A burst of 10 apps for your consideration

Pringles Crunch Band

A lot of brands have embarrassed themselves with their apps, but Procter & Gamble’s new iPhone app for crisp brand Pringles is at least interesting. It promises “air instrument awesomeness” – accelerometer-powered virtual guitar, bass and drums played by waving the iPhone in the air. The twist is that barcodes from crisp-cans can be scanned to unlock new instruments, including slap bass and techno beats.

TripIt for Windows Phone

Travel-organising service Tripit has launched its new Windows Phone app after a period in beta testing. It’s part of a service that involves forwarding confirmation emails for a holiday or trip to create a single itinerary. The new app joins existing iOS, Android and BlackBerry versions.
Windows Phone

Bon Jovi: World Tour

Jon Bon Jovi himself provides an intro message and audio commentary for this iPhone app, which is a collection of pictures taken on Bon Jovi’s last world tour by photographer David Bergman.


StyleJury isn’t the first app to help people share photos of their clothes and get feedback in friends, but it looks one of the more polished examples. This one ties into Facebook’s social graph, creating a private photo album on the social network which can be shared with specific friends. The idea: ask those friends to tell you if you’ll look good in a specific set of clothes.

Vogue Daily Look

Not aimed at a UK audience (although it’s available in the App Store here), Vogue Daily Look is the work of fashion magazine Vogue’s Taiwan operation, seemingly offering readers a daily outfit to peruse.

TouchGen Magazine – Issue 2

TouchGen looks a bit like games industry bible Edge, except it’s an iPad magazine app focused entirely on iOS gaming. A free download, it includes news, features and reviews of a host of titles.

Wars of Fortune

Wars of Fortune is the latest massively multiplayer online role playing game (MMORPG) to try its hand on Android. Six hero classes, lots of monsters and treasure, and the obligatory in-game tavern too.

A Night on the Galactic Railway

Japanese children’s author Kenji Miyazawa has a trippy-looking new iPad book-app where the text is accompanied by beautiful illustrations and ‘toytronica’ music.

Football3D Coach Pro

Forget throwing teacups across the dressing room: imagine a damage an enraged football manager could do with an iPad. This is one of a growing number of apps aimed at sports coaches, complete with 3D animations to show particular tactics from the point of view of any player.

Taro at the Centre of the Earth

Taro at the Centre of the Earth looks like a well crafted iPad book-app for children, with text and narration in both English and Finnish. Its launch price (£13.49) may put parents off taking a punt, though.

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