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Apps Rush: HMV Listening Post, Yamaha NoteStar, Nando’s, Airbnb, Red Hot Chili Peppers and more

What’s new on the app stores on Wednesday 18 January 2012

A selection of 20 apps for you today:

HMV Listening Post

British retailer HMV wants people to buy more CDs. Hence this app, which gets you to scan a CD cover (or just text-search for an album), then tap on a “Buy CD” button to buy it from the company’s mobile web store. There’s no option to buy digital, and no link to the cloud service of 7digital, the company HMV part-owns.


Yamaha has a new sheet music app for iPad which scrolls the notation while letting you slow it down, zoom in on notes and isolate individual keyboard tracks. There’s an in-app store to sell the sheet music and backing tracks, with artists covered including Adele, Lady Gaga and The Beatles.


Restaurant chain Nando’s has launched apps for iPhone and Android. It offers directions to outlets, incorporates Facebook check-ins, and uses the social network’s Events features to help friends plan meals. A forthcoming update will add the company’s menu.
Android / iPhone


Airbnb helps people find interesting accommodation when travelling, from castles and villas through to bunking in someone’s back room. It’s had an iPhone app for a while, but is now available on Android too.

Metamenus for The Expendables

What for the what? This is an official second-screen companion app for action flick The Expendables, with an intro from Sly Stallone, on-screen menus to control the Blu-ray disc, and notes, actor info and other content to complement the film.

Red Hot Chili Peppers

What they got, you got to get it on your smartphone. Possibly. The socktastic rock band get their own app, courtesy of Mobile Roadie.
Android / iPhone

Call of Duty Elite

We wrote about Activision’s companion app for the Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3 game when it launched on iPhone. Now it’s available for Android too, helping keen players fine-tune their strategies on the go.

Little Empire

Buzzy Android game of the week is Little Empire, which claims to be the “world’s first location based services mobile MMO game in 3D”. That means a combination of tower defence and real-time strategy, with the player’s location subtly worked into the gameplay.

Frederic – Resurrection of Music Complete

A musical battle game starring… Frederich Chopin? That’s the idea here, complete with nine remixes of his famous classical compositions, multiplayer features, and the chance to win jewellery made to celebrate Chopin’s 200th birthday.
iPhone / iPad

Best of Britain

Samsung and Visit Britain have teamed up for a tourism guide app for the UK, to celebrate the upcoming Olympic Games. And in a suitable spirit of inclusivity, the app is available for… Oh, only Samsung devices.


Music player Moodagent has been ported to Windows Phone, promising to create playlists based on your current mood. That involves setting sliders to tell it how you’re feeling, or choosing a suitable track from your library and letting it generate a playlist of similar songs.
Windows Phone


iPad app MediaPilot hooks into a DLNA/UPnP home network to access music, videos and photos – either on the device or on a compatible big-screen TV.

Facebook Cover Designer

Got your spiffing new Facebook Timeline? This app wants to make your cover picture – the big image at the top – look good. It offers Instagram-style filters to create an image, and then upload it to Facebook from the app.

Caverns of Minos

Legendary British games developer Jeff Minter has released his latest iOS game, Caverns of Minos. It’s a retro shoot ‘em up that also works with the iCade gaming peripheral.
iPhone / iPad

Dungeon Raid

The iPhone version of Dungeon Raid was a fearsomely addictive RPG-puzzler. Now it’s made the leap to Android, as you trace paths of items on a grid and level up your character. Puzzle Quest meets Bejeweled, a bit. Excellent.


Frintr turns iPhone photos into photo mosaics, and also pulls in photos of your Facebook friends to achieve the same effect. It’s based on the website of the same name, and there’s a separate HD version for iPad.
iPhone / iPad

Artist Growth

In a band? Artist Growth is an app that wants to help you manage your finances, merch inventory, upcoming gig calendar and other daily business tasks.

Accenture myExpenses

Accenture staff who want to capture and record their expenses while out and about on business? There’s an Android app for them. An example of the kind of B2B apps that are becoming an increasingly important part of the apps industry, even if they often fly under the radar.

Tinydesk for WordPress

Power WordPress bloggers may be interested in this slick-looking iPhone app, which helps compose and edit posts on the move. It works with blogs hosted on, as well as self-hosted sites.

McDonald’s Morning App

The Irish division of the fast-food chain has launched an iPhone app. It includes an alarm clock feature, streaming Irish radio stations, and digital vouchers to get cheap breakfasts.
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