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US journalists on the rich list

One of the great divides in the United States is between the 1% who supposedly form the very rich and the other 99%.

I say supposedly because the 1% itself covers a vast range of wealth from the super-rich – billionaires such as Bill Gates and Rupert Murdoch – down to people who earn just 0,000 (£250,000) a year.

So it’s probably unsurprising – though interesting – that a New York Times graphic revealed that 7,282 journalists fall into the rarified 1% category. Annoyingly, you can’t see that on the online interactive version.

Poynter’s Steve Myers explains that to be included in the graphic, at least 2% of people with that job have to live in households with incomes of 0,000.

It means that at least 2% of all editors and reporters live in households with that income. In other words, it’s possible that some of them simply married well.

And what about Britain? Anyone care to take a guess how many of our journalists would emerge in the top 1% of a British wealth chart?

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