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The Business podcast: Fred Goodwin’s knighthood shredded

The former chief executive of Royal Bank of Scotland will now be known as plain old Fred Goodwin after being stripped of his knighthood by the Queen after advice from the forfeiture committee. Fred “The Shred” Goodwin became a hate figure after the collapse of RBS and his departure with a large pension pot.

His replacement at the top of the bank, Stephen Hester, has himself been on the receiving end of politcial pressure this week. He decided not to accept his bonus of nearly £1m in shares amid outrage among MPs and in the press.

In the studio to discuss the febrile anti-bankers atmosphere during bonus season we have the Guardian’s City editor Jill Treanor and our financial editor Nils Pratley.

Also this week we look once more at the wrangling over the eurozone’s debt problem. With the Greek government angrily slapping down any suggestion that it needs financial supervision from Europe, time is running out for a new bailout deal needed to repay loans due in March. Meanwhile concern is growing over Portugal’s mix of slow growth and mounting debt costs.

We hear from economist Alan Clarke of Scotia Capital who presents several scenarios for Europe in the coming months. Plus we discuss possible winning solutions to Lord Wolfson’s prize – awarded to an economist who can successfully map out an orderly exit from the eurozone for a heavily indebted country.

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This is our final edition of the Business podcast. You can find all of the Guardian’s other podcasts here.