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Huffington Post not so picture perfect

New editor Carla Buzasi assures the inquiry that there will be no invasions of privacy – but old habits die hard

The paparazzi world has never seemed more pious. No more snatched pictures, no invasions of privacy we’re told – by, among others, the new editor of the Huffington Post here in Britain, swearing allegiance to the code. And yet, on Carla Buzasi’s saintly site, almost the first thing you see is a “picture quiz” of ‘Camera Shy Celebs”, featuring Lily Allen, Penelope Cruz and (yes!) Sienna Miller in various stages of face-covering, go-away distress. From Huff to puff to piffle at the press of a button.

If it ain’t broke…

The point about 24-hour news channels is that they’re on air, for breaking news. Take that away and you might as well have a red button service repeating the same headlines every 10 minutes. Why, then, does the BBC Trust, think the news channel shouts about breaking news too often? This isn’t like a Sunday redtop slapping “Exclusive” on every tatty tale in town. If you’re the one in five adult Britons who watch the news channel at least once a week, then you can see for yourself whether the news is “breaking” or not. And if nothing’s happening just switch over to Sky – or MasterChef.

It was the Sun wot won it – again

Watch harassed headline writers suck their thumbs and curse the Sun. “Arryvederci” right across the front page. The spirit of Kelvin lives and lays down a challenge. Here’s “Arrylujah!” as our new hero takes the England job, and “Arrybolical” as the team fouls up, sending “Arrypotty” – then prepare for “Arry-Kari”. © 2012 Guardian News and Media Limited or its affiliated companies. All rights reserved. | Use of this content is subject to our Terms & Conditions | More Feeds