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TalkTalk’s £50 callout fee for a fault that wasn’t fixed

Engineer’s visit didn’t remedy a phone fault and then the paperwork mounted up – until a remedy arrived

I subscribe to a TalkTalk phone package for my 87-year-old mum who suffers from Alzheimer’s disease. On 24 September, after her line went dead two days previously, and was then either intermittently crackly or dead, a technician was despatched. The technician did not check the system but simply said that I needed to clear any messages by pressing 1571. The line appeared as normal, and I was told I would be charged £50 for the callout. When the technician left, the line went dead again. A week later, I finally got through to someone at TalkTalk who confirmed that there was, in fact, a fault on the line. Over a week later, it was fixed.

Meanwhile, I had to stay with my mum because she did not have the use of a phone, or her telecare equipment if she had been ill. TalkTalk is still charging me the £50, plus I have incurred numerous phone charges trying to resolve this issue. SM, Leeds

TalkTalk sent you four replies to your queries over a six-week period asking you for an increasingly unnecessary amount of paperwork.

However, when we got involved it responded and resolved it quickly. It confirmed that the problem was due to a fault with an overhead cable. It has repaid the £50, given you £20 to cover your mobile phone call charges during that period, and discounted the cost of your phone package by £3 a month indefinitely.

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