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Letters: Homage to Adele

Yes, Mr Jenkins, singer Adele is one of the “ilk”, or working class as we used to be called (Comment, 24 February). She is a gorgeous young woman with bundles of heart and soul and the ability to mesmerise millions of people with her music and her voice. In just a year she has blown apart the music industry with its silly fixation that women are only deemed able to succeed in pop music by dancing around in their underwear. Her ability to instantly create an intimacy with her audience marks her out as a star, and the powerful words that she writes and sings have the resonance of great poetry. To cap it all she has just stormed America. Why would you not want to listen to her? If they had postponed the news (bankers’ bonuses, Greek default, job losses) and replaced it with half an hour of Adele chatting, she would almost certainly have broken another record.
Chris Trude
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